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Visit to RHS Rosemoor

Thursday 20th June 2019

Twenty five society members and friends had a super coach outing to RHS Rosemoor.  The weather turned out brilliantly with good sun all day, and warm enough not to need coats.

Starting from the coffee shop, we wandered at will across the many acres, there are several hedged formal gardens each with a different theme,  well filled fruit and vegetable areas and a lake.  Passing through the tunnel brings one to the original house with 1930s features and delightful gardens reminiscent of those times.

A major attraction  at present are the several large areas devoted to encouraging the look of natural meadows, with tall uncut grasses and native flowers, including  several species of orchids.  One of the methods of achieving this is by planting Yellow Rattle which, being parasitic, helps to reduce the vigour of the coarser grasses.  

Overall, a delightful stroll through a riot of colour, noting on the way the many helpful notices of gardening advice and examples of companion planting.

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