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Visit to Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

Thursday 7th September 2017

See the Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens web page


Meavy Oak Fair

Saturday 17th June 2017

Meavy Garden Society had a marvelous array of plants for sale at Meavy Oak Fair.  The MGS raised £387 from the sale of the plants, which was a fantastic result!  A big thank you to MGS members who ran the plant stall.  The photo below was taken after the stall had been set up in the morning, before any public arrived!

MGS at Meavy Oak Fair 2017


Meavy Garden Society Social Evening

Monday 5th June 2017

About twenty members braved the torrential rain to attend the social evening at “Byleat” Yelverton by kind invitation of David and John Stratford. Sadly, it had been raining hard all day and indeed continued to do so throughout the evening.

Even so, those who attended enjoyed a couple of drinks and nibbles and in between the showers, some managed to have a look at the garden which was looking fantastic, despite the rain! David made the best of a bad situation, leading members round the garden and providing information about the wonderful plants in the borders, the bee hives and the vegetable garden. Everyone was wearing rain coats and hats, and sheltered under umbrella’s – some even admitted to donning thermals!

David very kindly allowed members to go inside his house into a room, which allowed us to get out of the wet and cold. Annie presented David with flowers and wine as a thank you. She also gave Kay Moore a bunch of flowers and a card on behalf of the Society for Kay’s significant birthday due on the following day.

Everyone enjoyed the evening but it was such a shame that the weather marred it somewhat.

social evening exploring the gardensocial evening I've had enough


Visit to Thorn Garden

Wednesday 10th May 2017

See the Thorn Garden web page.


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