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Meavy Garden Society AGM 2018 was held on Monday 19th February 2018


Meavy Garden Society Meeting, 19th February 2018

Opening Sheepstor gardens to the public - Patrick Drennan talk on the preparations and pitfalls

After the AGM our speaker was Patrick Drennan, one of our members, who talked of the preparations and pitfalls in opening Sheepstor gardens to the public in aid of the village hall.

When he made the suggestion in order to raise funds, the Hall committee were at first very sceptical, thinking of problems such as security and insurance, but eventually Patrick received the go-ahead. It was agreed that the committee would organise refreshments and Patrick the gardeners. Many were very enthusiastic and they decided on the best time to open. In order to tackle security it was decided that the gardeners should stay in their gardens and let nobody into their houses. Children should be accompanied and all dogs on leads.

A letter was sent to all residents and after an analysis of the responses, a date was set and the ticket price decided to provide admittance to all gardens. Those opening their gardens were asked to supply a three-line description and these were printed on the back of the sheet showing a map of the village and the locations of the gardens. Publicity was organised as well as a raffle and various stalls as additional attractions.

Overall, the exercise proved to be very worthwhile. There was whole village participation and wider community involvement. The opening has since been repeated several times, approximately every two years, and Sheepstor gardens will be open again this year on 19th and 20th of May.

This was a well-presented, well-illustrated and informative talk with a touch of humour. All much appreciated by the members, many of whom have visited Sheepstor gardens in the past.



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