Summer Show 2015 - Results

Saturday 8th August 2015  


The trophies being fought for:

Summer Show Trophies


Flowering Pot PlantClass 1:  Flowering Pot Plant  

1st Joice Reith - Winning the Radcliffe Trophy

2nd Annie Inman

3rd David Carter

Flowering Shrub/TreeClass 2:  Flowering Shrub/Tree

1st Kay Moore - Winning the Price Cup

2nd Annie Inman

3rd Martin Burt

HydrangeasClass 3:  Hydrangeas

1st Cyril Sparey - Winning the Beattie Trophy

2nd Annie Inman

3rd Brenda Burt

Flower ArrangementClass 4:  Flower Arrangement

1st Annie Inman - Winning the Meavy Trophy

2nd Brenda Burt

3rd Kay Moore


Class 5: RosesClass 5:  Roses

1st Brenda Burt - Winning the Jimmy Brooks Cup

2nd Jean Edwards

3rd Barbara Walsh

GladioliClass 6:  Gladioli

1st Malcolm Edwards - Winning the Clements Trophy

2nd Sue Boylett

DahliasClass 7:  Dahlias

1st Sue Boylett - Winning the Chittenden Vase

2nd Sue Boylett

3rd Brenda Burt

Class 8:  FlowersClass 8:  Flowers

1st Michael Ashton - Winning the Tanfield Trophy

2nd Kay Moore

3rd Martin Burt

Salad VegetablesClass 9:  Salad Vegetables

1st Barbara Walsh - Winning the Committee Cup

VegetablesClass 10:  Vegetables

1st Kay Moore - Winning the Jukes Cup

2nd Annie Inman

HerbsClass 11:  Herbs

1st Kay Moore - Winning the Miss Reader Trophy

2nd Michael Ashton

3rd Kay Moore

PelargoniumsClass 12:  Pelargoniums

1st Stephen Pine - Winning the Peter Chappell Cup

2nd Kay Moore

3rd Kay Moore

FuchsiasClass 13:  Fuchsias

1st Brenda Burt - Winning the Reid Cup

2nd Chris Gibson

3rd Brenda Burt

Pot Plant FoliageClass 14:  Pot Plant Foliage

1st Cyril Sparey - Winning the Bill Down Trophy

2nd Stephen Pine

3rd Kay Moore

Small Pot PlantClass 15:  Small Pot Plant 

1st Kay Moore - Winning the Allen Trophy

2nd Cyril Sparey

3rd Stephen Pine

Miniature Flower ArrangementClass 16:  Miniature Flower Arrangement

1st Brenda Burt - Winning the John Chitcombe Cup

2nd Kirsty Winter

3rd Kay Moore

A Tankard of FlowersClass 17:  A Tankard of Flowers

(This class is kindly sponsored by Stephen Earp of the Royal Oak Inn in Meavy.)

1st Kay Moore - Two bottles of wine donated by Stephen Earp

2nd Derek Hall

3rd Marian Hall

Jam Jar of Garden FlowersClass 18:  Children’s Class - Jam Jar of Garden Flowers 

1st Amelie Walsh 

Gordon Cross TrophyGordon Cross Trophy

(Awarded to the member gaining most points in the show.)  

The Winner - Kay Moore

MGS Summer Show - And here are all the winners!And here are all the winners!