Summer Show Report 2014

Saturday 9th August 2014  


This year’s Summer Show was a resounding success, with numbers of visitors up, and all classes well represented with fabulous exhibits. The weather was fair, all be it a little windy, which enabled Joice Reith and Stephen Pine to sell nearly two thirds of the plants which had been donated.

Before you go to the show results, it is important to give thanks to a few people. Firstly, to Martin and Brenda Burt for putting out the signs advertising the show and ensuring it was well promoted. The new signs which were purchased with funds donated from the Meavy Oak Fair last year, have been a wonderful asset. Next to thank are all the committee members, for all their hard work in planning, setting up the hall and donating cakes and raffle prizes. A special mention of thanks also goes to Lawrence Pine, Gary Moore and Aaron Khalfa for coming along to help with getting the hall ready.

Also thanks to Mike Ashton for attending the door, Janet Moore, Kay Moore and Janet Pattison for doing the raffle, Janet Jones, Annie Inman, Gaynor Shaw and Lis Mawhinney for managing refreshments, Jenny Sharp for doing the computing and David Winter for organising the show.

Another person to thank is Stephen Earp, Landlord of The Royal Oak Pub for his kind sponsorship of the new class “A tankard of flowers”, for which he kindly donated 2 bottles of wine for the winner.

Pam ColtonPam Colton was Guest of Honour and did a great job handing out the trophies at the end of the day. She was presented with some vouchers as a thank you. And finally, the biggest thank you is reserved for all the people who entered an exhibit because without them, there wouldn’t be a show!

Below are some photos from the show.

And there are more photos on the Show Results page.


The raffle prizes Prizes

A very artistic interpretation of a mini flower arrangement Mini flower arrangement

A poem for the "poppy class" Poppy Poem

Lovely Cakes going fast, and the kitchen staff, always smiling. Cakes

Kitchen staff

Just a few of the children's postcards.

Post cardpost card

post cardpost card